1948 Ford Super Deluxe

The Fords of 1948 marked the final evolution of a great era for the Ford Motor Company. This was to be the last model year developed during Henry Ford's lifetime, it was the last US iteration of the flathead, the last with a crank-start option, and the last year that Ford produced wood-bodied wagons. Ford switched to all-steel bodies across the range in 1949, which were cheaper and easier to produce than the labor-intensive wooden-bodied cars which had been a staple of Ford's lineup for over two decades. Ford’s transition away from wood also reflected broader changes in the automotive industry, as car manufacturers began to focus more on modern design and technology and increasingly efficient production. Despite all these changes, the 1948 Ford Super Deluxe Wagon remains an iconic symbol of a bygone era.Top of Form

Ford offered a wide range of body styles in 1948, and the Station Wagon met the needs of customers who required a practical and versatile vehicle, and its stylish wooden body certainly made it a standout.  Built at the Iron Mountain plant, Ford sourced their wood from their own forests in northern Michigan. The high level of craftsmanship that went into building the bodies, with dovetail joints and carefully blended wood grain has made these Woody wagons highly prized among car enthusiasts and collectors. Because few of these wagons have survived due to their working-class nature and wooden bodies, finding an exceptional example can indeed be difficult. Nevertheless, the 1948 Ford Woody Wagon remains a highly sought-after collectible, and for good reason. Its combination of utility, style, and craftsmanship make it a true automotive masterpiece and an important piece of American history. The car is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the manufacturers of the time, and it continues to captivate people to this day.

This 1948 Ford Woody Station Wagon is one of just 8,912 built that year and is powered by Ford’s legendary 239 cubic-inch flathead V8 engine producing 100 hp at 3,800 rpm, backed by a 3-speed manual column shift transmission.

A charming early post-war Ford Super Deluxe Woody, sporting a well-preserved older restoration. The woodwork is of very good quality inside and out with a light patina to the finish. The fenders and hood are attractively finished in cream paint, which is in good overall condition, with a few minor imperfections noted. Matching cream wheels which have hand-painted red pinstripes for added style are fitted with Super Deluxe wheel covers and trim rings, and of course wide whitewall tires. The tailgate-mounted spare tire is nicely dressed in a matching cream continental style cover. Authentic cobra-grain vinyl roof topping and its supporting wood lattice are in fine condition and very much add to overall charm of this Ford. Chrome and brightwork are in very nice condition and the engine bay is well detailed and fitted with period-correct decals, wiring, and hoses. Installed options include period correct fog lights, an accessory A-pillar spotlight, and a factory heater.

Inside this charming wagon you will find bright red seat upholstery with maroon carpeting, all in fine condition. With room for up to seven of their friends and family to join along, this Ford is best suited to casual enjoyment, and seatbelts have been added for additional safety, to ensure the whole family can enjoy the ride. One of the most appealing of this Woody is the tailgate that fully lowers while the windows above swing up to provide a roof over top. One can imagine an unforgettable picnic spot, a stylish spot to enjoy sporting events, or just simply relaxing and watching the sunset, all from a time when tailgating literally occurred on a tailgate.

Pleasingly honest, with a well-maintained older restoration, this Ford Super Deluxe is a very attractive driver-quality car, and the ideal choice for low-key motoring enjoyment. A charming, inviting, family-friendly classic that’s equally at home on the farm or at the shops in town, with room for all your friends to tag along for the ride.


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