2018 Moke America Electric Mini Moke

Sir Alec Issigonis and John Sheppard, the brilliant engineers behind the original BMC Mini, took their concept in a new direction with an all-purpose utility vehicle based on the production Mini’s front-drive platform. While it didn’t meet its original intention as a military vehicle, the plucky little utility car did reach production as a low cost, highly versatile farm vehicle they called the Moke – an archaic term for a mule. The original Mini Moke became a cult classic with die-hard enthusiasts around the world, and is as nearly as beloved as the original road car. In 2017, long after original Moke production ended, an all-new company called Moke America reimagined the classic utility car as an all-electric runabout. Featuring the classic styling of the original, the new car is larger and sturdier, with four seats and a pure electric drivetrain delivering about 40 miles of range. Capable of being charged from a standard 110v household current, the new Moke Electric is unique and fun open-air runabout. This vehicle just arrived, and a full description is coming soon. Please contact Hyman Ltd for more details.


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