1972 Citroen SM Coupe

We have described the Citroen SM ourselves as “truly a car like none other, before or since”.  Many share our fondness for these extraordinary automobiles.  The name Citroen SM –  ‘Sports Maserati ‘ – reflects the achievement of combining a high-performance Maserati engine with Citroen’s famously sophisticated chassis design.  Development originated with Citroen’s Project S in 1961, as an effort to create a sports variant of the revolutionary Citroen DS. Citroen took control of Maserati in 1967, as development continued, with the result of providing a bespoke engine for its most prestigious model.  The Citroen SM was one of the most advanced production cars in the world when it was introduced in 1970, also distinguished by a futuristic body created by Citroen chief designer Robert Opron to draw attention to the technical marvels that remained out of sight.

The front-wheel drive chassis of the SM incorporates Citroen’s famous self-leveling hydropneumatic suspension that provides an unrivaled level of comfort, excellent handling and grip.  Load-leveling four wheel disc brakes adjust for differing road conditions.  Citroen was the first to offer a self-centering, variable power steering system with the SM that allows driver feel on the steering wheel to remain constant from low speed parking to high speed touring. The Maserati engine in the SM was designed by legendary engineer Giulio Alfieri, who led development of the World Championship-winning Maserati 250F F1 and the ‘Birdcage’ Maserati sports cars. The compact dohc 2.7-liter V-6 engine was derived from the V-8 engine that powered the contemporary Maserati Quattraporte sedan.  The engine in the SM produced 170 horsepower in 1972 with three Weber two-barrel carburetors, providing a top speed of 140 mph.

The Citroen SM was produced from 1970-1975, but offered in the U.S. only briefly from 1972 to 1973 due largely to changing U.S. import regulations at the time.  This U.S. spec 1972 Citroen SM is a pretty driver with a good history.  This is an Arizona dry-climate car, accounting for the high level of unrestored originality in this example.  The stylish exterior is finished in the rare and attractive color of Orient Blue that remains in good condition with signs of wear as expected for the age.  The chrome and glass are all correct and original and also in good condition.

The interior is handsomely styled and finished to a high standard throughout.  The first impression seated in the driver’s seat is the signature dashboard, which displays surprisingly modern contours combined with distinctive oval-shaped gauges and gold toned brushed aluminum fascia that are unique to the SM.  Controls are well ordered and familiar, including the highly desirable five-speed gearshift and air conditioning.  The seats have been re-covered utilizing the correct pattern, and the contoured rear seats are every bit as luxurious as those found in the contemporary BMW 3.0 CS.  The door panels, carpet, headliner and trim are all correct and original to the car, as is the trunk lining.  Everything in the engine bay looks good and is in undamaged condition; most importantly, all of the unique components for the hydropneumatic suspension are correct and in working order.  The engine was rebuilt in 2009, as well as installation of new gas spheres in the suspension, and a clutch was installed in 2015.

Citroen produced a true Grand Touring automobile with the SM – reliable, comfortable and fast.  The power of the Maserati engine speaks for itself and, with a 28.8 U.S. gallon gas tank and stated mileage of 19.8 mpg, the SM can provide an extended cruising range more than 500 miles in comfort. This is an opportunity to acquire and enjoy an original and well-maintained example of this fine automobile.  Also included with the sale are the earliest registration, receipts dating back to 1973 and a website printed copy of the Citroen SM Operator’s Manual.




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