1909 Waverly Electric

Early electrics, more than any of their contemporaries, epitomize the expression "horseless carriage." Designed for relaxed and simple transportation around town, they are simple to operate, reliable and enjoy new status among today's ecological influencers. Waverley is one of the best known builders and this 1909 Electric Runabout is beautifully restored and very attractive in cream with dark brown accents and gold coachlining. The upholstery and top are both black leather, as are the flared mudguards over the wheels. The top is lined. The driver, who steers by a left-side mounted tiller, and passenger sit in a tulip-style body with additional added by a small viv-a-vis folding jump seat. The protection of the front-mounted luggage compartment from mud and the clods thrown up by horses' hooves is augmented by a traditional leather dashboard. The electric motor and controller are mounted to the frame and drive the rear axle through an enclosed chain and transverse driveshaft. Beautifully restored brass bodied electric side lamps and taillight set off the body with style and elegance while white rubber tires complement the body-colored wood spoke wheels. It has new batteries and is in excellent running condition, ready to make its own proud statement at gatherings of Priuses, Volts, Leafs, Fiskers and Teslas.

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