1902 Waverly

Cute is hardly adequate to describe this 1902 Waverley electric runabout built by the International Motor Car Company in Indianapolis. It is nothing more than a buckboard with the horse replaced by an electric motor and some batteries and a center-mounted tiller in place of reins. The controls are set up for left-hand drive and an unusual feature is a momentary switch on the floor which powers lights so the driver can check the battery volt and amp meters. A pair of small, electric carriage lamps provides modest illumination. An indication of its age is the registration medallion attached to the rear fascia attesting to it being the 241st vehicle registered in the state of Iowa. The body is black, as is the button tufted leather upholstery and the leatherette top with rollup rear panel. The wood spoke wheels (mounted with white solid rubber tires), running gear and motor are green. Bright trim is nickel plated for corrosion resistance and a little sparkle. It has new Optima Yellowtop deep cycle Absorbent Glass-Mat batteries and primary wiring. It is the essence of elemental transportation but also attractive and even practical for short trips around town. Air conditioning is unnecessary.

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