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1947 Packard Clipper Taxi

This fascinating offering is a seriously rare automobile and the result of a true labor of love. It is a properly and completely restored 1947 ...


Via Hagerty – Federal proposal for automotive import tariff will hit classic car owners squarely in the pocketbook

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…r Public Comment” regarding Section 232, information that details an investigation into the importation of automobiles and their effect on national security. Ready to geek out on the details in Gov-speak? You can find the full text here. In plain English, the proposal would put a 25-percent tariff on all imported classic cars and parts for classic c…


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…our overseas buyers! We have exported cars worldwide for over 20 years. Overseas shipments can be containerized for safe sea passage. We take care of all the details and paperwork. All you have to do is collect the car at the port of your choice. Shipping can take 14 days or more due to scheduling….